I am a motivated Strategy and Experience Design Consultant with great enthusiasm to push the boundaries of the impossible by technology with user-centred design.

I started developing and designing mobile applications as well as websites in 2009, becoming the first batch of app creators before App Store was commonly known. Since then I dedicated myself to demonstrate the value of user-centred design by leading multidisciplinary functions across Design, UX, Technology and Development.

Throughout the years working in different continents, I gained a wealth of experience on delivering dependable solutions for startups, global/local agencies and organizations across the world. I helped to grow technical teams, drove transformation and delivered dependable award-winning solutions in local start-ups and a global marketing agency.

Next, I am looking to utilize my experience in both Design and Technology to provide professional advice on user-orientated service offerings, with an aim to integrate and achieve synergy between these two inter-linked functions, in order to create more amazing services to improve peoples'‚Äč lives.

Recent Awards Highlights

Favourite Creative Work, Sport Relief, The Drum March Issue, 2014
Best Mobile App B2C, Contiki Shout, Mobile Marketing Awards, 2014
Best Mobile Destination Marketing Solution, Penguin Ahoy, Mobile Marketing Awards, 2014
W3 Gold Award, Contiki Shout, W3 Awards, 2013
Most Innovative App 2013, Contiki Shout, SMITTY, 2013


Design Practices, The Master of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Double Major in Computer Science and Risk Management, BEng, The University of Hong Kong